When Should You Hire a Custom Website Developer?

How will you know if you need a custom website developer to help build your new website? If you are only looking for an online presence, you probably won’t. You can accomplish your objectives quickly and affordably by using a standard website build, such as the Fast and Easy Websites provided by Websites Done Easy.

However, in some cases you might be looking for more. Here are a few examples of situations requiring custom websites:

  • Ecommerce sites using an online store to sell products
  • Database driven websites that track customers, inventory, or warehouse other types of business information
  • Social websites that allow users to log in and share information with the public or other users
  • Websites for businesses with multiple locations that showcase a unique website page for each location
  • Websites with completely custom designs that are radically different from competitors
  • Online magazines

As you can see from the above examples, custom websites go far beyond providing just basic information about a business. In these cases, you will need to hire a custom website development team. The development team should have the experience necessary to guide your project to success.

Web Development

There are many factors to be considered when building a custom site, such as website programming languages and CMS platforms. As for programming languages, there are many available, but the most popular web programming language by far is PHP. Using a popular programming language is important and makes it less difficult down the line finding programmers that are capable of working on your source code. As for CMS platforms, again, many are available, but the most popular for PHP are WordPress, Drupal, and Magento. Selecting the correct CMS platform for your project early on can save thousands of dollars on development costs.

Some additional considerations that will benefit from access to an experienced development team:

  • User Management
  • Data Security
  • Database Performance
  • Hosting and Bandwidth Requirements
  • Source Code Availability
  • Upgrade Capabilities

The Websites Done Easy team has been building professional custom websites for decades. Our US based programmers are experts in PHP and ColdFusion, with deep knowledge and experience with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and more. We understand the business logic necessary to build successful custom websites and can go deeper, into the configuration of your LAMP and WAMP platforms. If you need help with your Linux, Windows, Apache, MySQL, or MS SQL web configurations or just aren’t sure which platform to use for your next business website, consult with our experienced development team. We will evaluate your ideas and goals, then help determine the most cost effective and capable platform to complete your project.